About Compass

Compass is a web based workshop and data management tool used to promote health and wellness programs across the nation.

This unique web-based workshop and data management tool assists organizations in the delivery of a series of nationally recognized evidence-based health promotion/disease prevention programs delivered by our community partners across the country. Compass utilizes a successful “all-in-one” approach focused on the end user experience and program management and data needs.

Compass is available to our National Partners throughout the United States.

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Compass Features

Meets HIPAA Standards

Compass holds a high-level security certificate, is housed on a fully HIPAA compliant data server, uses system checks and a two-step user authentication process among other measures to meet HIPAA personal health information security standards.

Manages Information

Compass manages partner organizations, implementation sites, delivery personnel, workshop schedules and participant data and offers downloadable program-specific data forms.

Generates Reports

Users may generate printable real-time reports for their workshop activity including types of workshops held, location, attendance/completion rates and participant demographics. Our unique survey bank allows for some level of customization by owner level partners/users.

Marketing Benefits

Partners have access to a web interface a zip code searchable “find-a-workshop” function and a newly added physician referral registration system that provides automated feedback to healthcare providers with appropriate HIPAA documentation.

Adapts to Changes

Routine updates are implemented with opportunity to benefit from enhancements developed for other users. Our workgroup for national and NYS partners was formed to collaboratively define improvements to the system.

Meets CDC/ACL Requirements

A database/project management system specifically designed to meet CDC DPRP and ACL data collection requirements.